Are You Creating The Most Compelling Print Ads For Your Business?

We know you’ve got an amazing product or service – but do others? Proper product marketing is extremely important to get your message out there and a key part of marketing is creating print ads. In the sea of ads out there you want your message to stand out and attract attention – but is it?

Visual Appeal Is Key

Your logo and print advertising should have appealing colours and fonts and overall ensure your branding cohesion is consistent throughout. These visuals represent your brand and need to look professional and inviting.

Don’t Forget Your Call To Action 

So, your visual ad may be super appealing and your brand can draw a lot of attention – but this won’t get you very far if you don’t have a way for people to contact you to buy your product or service – or to even learn more about it. Make this easy for people! Include a link to your website, a phone number, your social media accounts – whichever ways interested people can reach out for your product or services.

Make Your Message Clear 

As we said above branding cohesion is super important when it comes to marketing. You want people to recognize your brand and your message every time they see it. Make sure your print ads are clearly representing the message behind your product or service. Offer a clear vision of how your product or service can help the people in your target market.

Keep It Simple Sweetheart

 Yes – the KISS principle! It’s a busy world and you’re lucky if people lay eyes on your ad for even a few seconds. You want to grab their attention FAST so a lot of clutter will overwhelm them and make them move on. Take out all those unnecessary facts and figures and just give people the basics. As we said above, make your message clear – but simply.

Place Them In The Right Areas

 You can have the most cohesive branding, and the best-looking ads out there – but if you’re not putting them in front of your target market they’re not doing much good for you. Do some in-depth market research and place your ads where your target market hangs out. Certain demographics read different magazines, hang out on different social media platforms, and see their ads in different spots than other demographics. Find out where your people are because getting the correct eyes on your ads will ensure a much bigger payoff.

Consult A Professional

 We’ve given you a lot to work with and you may not know how to take any, or even all, of these steps. A professional graphics artist can help you with your logo, a marketing company can help you with your branding cohesion and by conducting your market research. Ideas, trends and platforms are changing quickly so what is working for you today may not work for you next year, or even next month. It’s important to get someone on board who can keep up on all the changes for you and lead your company and its products and services in the best direction.

At Flynn Digital Plus we are a one-stop marketing shop to help your business with all aspects of your branding and marketing. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or for some ideas on how we can help you!

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